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The Success Connection Charity Activities By Anthony Morrison & His Team

Christmas for Kids is a non-profit organization that’s passionate about giving less fortunate children better gifts during one of the most important holidays of the year. And it was founded by Anthony Morrison, who started THESC. It doesn’t require anyone to make financial donations. All you need to is to give some of your time to shop for kids who would otherwise be unable to get the gifts they want. The purpose of this organization is to give young adults the opportunity to give back, and they’re looking for anyone in the Madison/Ridgeland area to spend a part of their holiday season to shop for gifts. These children need your compassion, especially if you have been blessed in your life.

The Story Behind Christmas for Kids

Christmas for Kids was started because Anthony has been able to see how good people feel when they help those who don’t have as much. In 2006, he saw something that changed his life, and he still thinks about it to this day. While he walked through the mall a few days before Christmas, he looked at an Angel Tree. And he noticed that there were still quite a few left. Seeing this struck him hard, so he asked someone what would happen to the kids who didn’t have someone to buy them gifts. He found out that they wouldn’t get anything. And if they did, they would get leftover toys. He didn’t’ think that these kids deserved to get leftovers, so he grabbed all the angels on that tree and started shopping. When he realized that there was no way he could do it alone, he recruited his friends and family members. After doing some calling, he got his brother and a few of his friends to help him that night, and many of them gave up on their Friday night out to help him buy gifts. Every single person who participated in that Friday-night shopping spree said that it was the best thing they did that year. And while it was a frantic night, Anthony was amazed that this group of twenty-year-old men took it so seriously. Not only did they take the time to make sure that these kids got exactly what they wanted, but they were also able to throw in some extras. Anthony realized that it was moments like these that can change a person’s life, and it can be a positive experience for anyone who takes the time to give back.

Why You Should Get Involved

Everyone should know what it feels like to take care of someone else as they would for them and their families, and that’s the purpose behind Christmas for Kids. Anthony knows that finances can hold many people back from giving, especially for young people. But donating your time can be just as valuable. All you need to do to get involved is spend a little time each year during the holiday season to shop for underprivileged children, and it will make you appreciate the things you have. It did the same thing for those who helped Anthony that night in 2006, and they got great joy in helping someone else. With Christmas for Kids, young adults can have their chance to give back to the community by donating their time.