Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison's books have changed people's lives

Anthony Morrison has achieved a lot for his age. He became successful at a very young age. However, he did not keep the path to his success hidden. He encourages everyone to follow the path and become as successful as he is. Anthony Morrison shares all his tips and tricks for success in his books. The reason why his books are so popular and loved is that he shares his failures along with his accomplishments. Anthony Morrison teaches his readers how it is okay to fail and how to change failures into successes. The readers relate to Anthony Morrison's stories because they come from the same background. Anthony Morrison believes everyone can become a millionaire like himself. However, the only thing that is stopping them from earning money is laziness. Anthony Morrison believes that the only way someone can become a millionaire is by working hard and being patient. He writes in his books that he does not believe in earning money overnight. Those offers are mostly illegal or only temporary. The only to earn money and keep on making money is through being dedicated. Anthony Morrison lays down hard hitting facts. His straightforwardness encourages his readers to start their own business and take risks. They become one step closer to becoming a millionaire.

Anthony Morrison has a company called Morrison Publishing

Anthony Morrison started his company in 2004, called Cool Blue Performance. He was only 21 at that time. He managed his company along with the university. Anthony Morrison is a source of inspiration for all young adults as he led his company and studies and excelled in both. He then started a new company called Morrison Publishing. Anthony Morrison knows that we are living in a digital era, and people prefer to buy things online rather than in person. Using this information, Anthony Morrison uses Morrison Publishing as a platform to help new entrepreneurs who just entered the online world. Morrison Publishing gives courses and lectures. Through experience, Anthony Morrison tells the students about the do's, and don’ts about the online market and how it is different from traditional businesses and shops. This gives the new entrepreneurs a head start, and they perform much better than the ones who did not enroll for these courses. He knows that social media is the way to go for marketing and advertisements. Social media is where everyone gets their information. Morrison Publishing has classes that are specifically tailored for today's needs. The courses go over through how to advertise effectively on social media and how to interact with potential customers. Anthony Morrison tells his students on how to win over influencers and use their help for advertisements. Morrison Publishing is a tool every new entrepreneur should apply to be a millionaire through online businesses.

Anthony Morrison does charity work

Along with helping readers and students increase their sales with valuable tips, Anthony Morrison also helps the less fortunate in society. He believes that for society to improve as a whole, we need to help people. Once these people are in the right place, they will help others. This creates a cycle of good, and everyone is helping others. Anthony Morrison wants to make a change in the world. Even though he is a millionaire, he does not hoard money and gives back to society. Holidays hold a special place in the heart of Anthony Morrison. Family is more than the people you are biologically related to. Family is the people you form bonds with and are comfortable around them. Anthony Morrison wants everyone to enjoy the spirit of Christmas, whether they have their parents or not. He goes to orphanages of Christmas Eves to spend time with the orphans and play games and make them laugh. They have food together, and he gives them Christmas gifts. By raising the morales of the less fortunate when they are kids, Anthony Morrison believes that they will be an addition to society when they grow up. Anthony Morrison wants you to help make a difference in this world for the upcoming generations.

Anthony Morrison does public speaking

Writing books was not enough for Anthony Morrison. As the world is changing, new opportunities are opening up. And, Anthony Morrison wants to share all these new opportunities with his readers and students. However, it was not feasible to write a new book every time something new happened. So, Anthony Morrison started public speaking. He wanted to be in front of his audience and be face to face with them. He was so determined that everyone can become a millionaire that he tried to tell people in their faces and make them believe.

Similarly, every online business case is different. Some readers see that they can not find a solution in the book. These lectures are perfect for them. They can ask him about their problems. He can guide them at that moment. Anthony Morrison travels all over the world. From different states in the US to the UK to Australia, he goes to many different places to educate people. Although the trips are tiring, Anthony Morrison does not give up. He goes on long trips because he is passionate about making everyone productive, and that is his motivation. He is happy and cheery in all his lectures and greets his students with a smile.

Anthony Morrison makes Video Blogs

For those people who cannot make it to his lectures, they can listen to him speak in his Video Logs. Anthony Morrison knows that some people might not be able to make it to his addresses. So, he came up with an alternative solution. He makes Video Logs while doing everyday chores. These video logs are beneficial. It has tips and tricks for those students who could not make it to the seminars. Anthony Morrison tells some of the new opportunities in his video logs. These video logs are also necessary because the students see Anthony Morrison in his daily everyday life. They see him doing everyday chores. The students make notes on how he manages his days and how he breaks it into different segments for different types of work. Seeing him do tasks that everyone does makes him more relatable. Students think of him as someone like them. It makes them believe that if someone like us can do it, we can also do it. Thus, it encourages them to start their own business. This is precisely what Anthony Morrison wants. He wants his students to see the non-business side of him. After seeing this, his students will realize that he is not a gifted person, but he is the same, just like everyone else. You can check out his video logs on his website.

Anthony Morrison has a blog

Anthony Morrison likes to communicate with his readers and students. He wants to help them succeed and become their best selves. Although he loves writing and public speaking, he wants to have a connection with his followers. That is why he has created his blog. He posts small insightful things whenever he feels inspired. He also answers fan questions and does his best to resolve them. His blog is his safe place. This is where he openly talks to his students as a friend without being formal. He writes about anything from his past stories to an article he found interesting. Through his blog, his students get to know more about him. They get to know about Anthony Morrison's interest and hobbies other than his business. This encourages his students to broaden their horizons. They focus on their hobbies as well as their work. They find the balance just like Anthony Morrison did. Anthony Morrison values leisure time and relaxing. He believes without this time, and entrepreneurs will not work as productively. A fresh, relaxed mind is always the key to success. This is why he posts on his blog. It is fascinating and full of amazing facts. You can find his blog on his website.

Anthony Morrison is active on media

Anthony Morrison is good at what he does. This is only because he is passionate about teaching and helping others. This passion does not go unnoticed. Because of his success, he gets invites to TV shows and newspapers agencies for interviews. Anthony Morrison happily accepts the invitations. He believes media is a great platform to educate people. He wants to tell everyone that earning money is not evil, and everyone should strive to earn money. If we have earned a lot, it is only then we can help the less fortunate around us. He wants everyone to find what motivates them to earn. Once they have seen it, he wants them to hold on to it and use it as encouragement. He has been interviewed by Fox14, CNN, Chicago Tribune, bizSanDiego's entrepreneur of the Week and he was on the cover of Home Business Magazine! You can read and watch his interviews on his website.